Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics can help answer a broad range of strategic and tactical questions that are key to creating and maintaining competitive advantage.

CRM Analytics, eMarketing and online Personalisation, Response Modelling, Churn Analysis, Customer Segmentation and Market Segmentation are some of the areas where predictive analytics traditionally yield great returns.

However, big questions regarding product development, positioning, pricing, marketing spend and prioritisation that were often answered with little or no analytics can now be answered more comprehensively using advanced analytics.

Questions such as the following:

  • What are the most promising unexploited opportunities for growth?
  • Where will we need to defend?
  • Are market conditions changing in a way that we should be adapting our product, sales and marketing strategy?
  • What do our clients want?
  • What are our clients getting from our competitors and not getting from us?
  • Where should we consider adjusting our products, positioning and price?
  • What new products should we consider introducing?
  • How should we prioritise our products, segments, markets?
  • How do we best allocate our marketing spend?
  • How much do we need to invest in marketing to hit our KPIs?

We have a highly structured process that guides us safely through the different phases of the analysis.

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