Anomaly Server

Influmetrics Anomaly Server is a powerful, yet simple to use, service for finding and quantifying anomalies in datasets of any size.

Anomaly Server allows your existing analysts to perform anomaly analysis on their current data without the need to go through a data scientist or IT professional.

Simply drag your Excel or CSV file to the surface of Anomaly Server and it returns the data with the anomaly score attached to each row of data.

Anomaly Server does not require training with known anomalies, requires only a few minutes of training of your staff, and can thus deliver a strong return on investment from day one.

Anomaly Server delivers anywhere there is a need to quickly and effortlessly identify anomalies, errors, fraud or anything unusual or suspicious. If you can benefit from finding the needles in the haystack, Anomaly Server makes it easy.


  • Easy to use - just drag-and-drop your existing data files.
  • State-of-the-art in identifying and quantifying anomalies.
  • Works from day one - no training data required.
  • Does not require new analytical competencies of your team.
  • The benefits of data science without the data scientists involved.
  • Domain-independent.


  • Health Insurance: Automatically spot anomalies in billings from providers and reduce fraud and errors.
  • Financial Analysis: Automatically identify unusual patterns in company reporting.
  • Fraud Detection: Let Anomaly Server identify what is unusual and deliver better cases to your investigators.
  • Quality Control: Identify potential quality issues from a holistic view of all metrics.
  • Gambling: Identify unusual patterns among gamblers and events.
  • Financial transactions: Automatically identify suspicious or erroneous transactions; improve compliance.
  • Public Sector Revenue Protection: Automatically identify anomalies in filings, applications and reporting.
  • Public Security: Automatically identify anomalies in social networks and linked data. Something that normally requires a highly trained analyst.
  • Data science / predictive analytics: Enriching your datasets with data from Anomaly Server will usually lead to better models/predictions.

To experience the power of Anomaly Server, contact us for a demonstration and/or a discussion about a proof-of-concept project that quickly demonstrates and quantifies your business case.