Influmetrics Proactive Fraud and Anomaly Detection (PROFAD)

Influmetrics proactive fraud and anomaly detection solution, PROFAD, helps cut the costs of fraud and errors by automatically identifying and prioritising anomalies for investigation.

Your investigators are not only alerted to anomalies but also provided with a comprehensive description of why the identified issue is suspicious. Additionally, a recommended order of investigation, the fastest way for the human inspector to validate or dismiss the suspicion, is also provided.

PROFAD not only identifies individual anomalies and fraud attempt, but can infer links between anomalies where groups of fraudulent agents are working together, using similar techniques or exhibiting similar behaviour.

Unlike other fraud detection systems PROFAD does not require training data with known fraud cases and is able to identify suspicious activates the very first time they occur.


  • Increase effectiveness of human investigators.
  • Proactively identifies and prioritises suspicious or anomalous cases.
  • Explains identified anomalies to investigators in plain language.
  • Cuts investigation time of cases by recommending the most efficient order of investigating a case.
  • Can identify emergent, novel and never-seen-before fraud tactics.
  • Can identify individual suspicious cases as well as suspicious networks of cases.
  • Does not require new analytical competencies of your inspectors.
  • Domain-independent.


  • Proactive. Does not require human intervention to identify suspicious cases.
  • Recommends most efficient order of investigation.
  • You do not need to know what you are looking for.
  • Does not require initial training sets of known fraud or anomalies.
  • Learns from feedback.
  • Highly scalable – can monitor and score even the largest volume of cases.
  • Available as a service from Influmetrics or installed in your own data centre (on-prem)

By combining the latest advances in big data analytics, machine learning and inferred network detection and analysis, PROFAD is a highly cost-effective solution to reducing your fraud, leakage and error costs.

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